On the Screen

a Praying Mantis steadfastly adheres to the patio screen door.
stubbornly faithful to it’s position at  eye level,
I help this one find it’s way to the out doors.

all attempts fail as it’s elegant, yet delicate walk,
makes it back to where it wants to be.
It’s original place.

Hours pass.
It’s vulnerability is worrisome
it’s perch may go unnoticed

a grip on reality ensues as I once again
“help” it’s passage back into the out doors.

Moments later, a newt steadfastly adheres to the screen door.
stubbornly faithful to the same position of the Praying Mantis,
instinctively a desire to help it’s return to a more natural place ensues.

A Mantis Praying and a Newt visited the entrance to what I have come to know as home today.

Messengers of faith on the screen today.


wcj 09.12.2013

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