The Birthday Party

It’s saturday afternoon.  Forecasts of rain don’t deter the gathering of family, friends and 1st grade class mates, for one seven year old’s party day.

Bright colored balloons, barbecue smoke, fresh air, smiling happiness ablaze.

Children, parents, grand parents, party favors, cup cakes and food.

At LAST, Spanky arrives.  Deja vu all over again.

All white, with one black, semi-thick line encircling his right eye. Spanky, without shouting, barking, jumping, nor whining, looks about from this ground level stature.  Silent.

Just like Houdini, he disembarks from this constraint, this one happens to be called a necklace.

HE IS FREE! A park, a picnic, a cadre of childhood friends, the party begins.

With no thought of man made etiquette, he walks, jumps, and gracefully finds his place as a table center piece, surrounded by hot dogs guacamole and chips.

Disappointed as he steps down at the request of adults, children did not mind in the least that he is on the table. Spanky and his gang continue their birthday party.

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