Sands of Time

Are you lost? asks Great Spirit.

You say that you love me, but somehow your days and dream filled nights are overwhelmed with well meaning adventures down all tool worn paths to some where.

Take my hand, and walk with me.

Your friends, the birds, the fish, the crawler ones, those four leggeds, the mammals that swim and play in the oceans, insects, reptiles, and those two legged ones, from where did they come?

Grandmother long braids, ever green, standing tall, keeping watch over Mother’s forests. Even forgotten isolated forests found in the desert, a blade of grass growing in an asphalt crack at the center of the busiest intersections of the largest cities.  From where did she come?

All of your family, Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons, Grandmoms and Granddads, Grand Daughters and Grand Sons, and those yet unborm. And your friends, those long ago, those today.  Your teachers. Your lessons. What you know as good and as bad.  From where did they come?

Think now of the one grain of sand finding rest inside your shoe, in between your soul and your peace.

This pearl is meant just for you. Take my hand and walk with me, through the sands of time.


wcj 01.17.2013

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