Dawn of a New Day

“We have drifted too far from our Creator,”
said Grandfather.

In my youthful robe,
I wandered about for years.

Solemn wonderment,
Solemn acceptance,
Solemn intolerance,

Complexities of modern day
surrounded my senses,
while grenades of subliminal mind bombs
many sweetly scented,
silently infiltrate,
in the red or black,
economies of scale.

No sense there is in trying
to understand.

Gone before us the Masters;
painters, poets, musicians, shoemakers, carpenters,
bakers, crust makers, holy ones.

Grand daughters. Grand sons.
Inherit that which has skipped a generation or two.
Leap with Joy.

Masters silenced,
will smile upon you
in blissful admiration.

A new dawn is here.


wcj 12.17.2012

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