by Mary M.

Perception is a funny thing. Study people walking past you and you see, well, people. But REALLY? Study birds flying by at lightning speeds in the gathering energies of spring and you see, well, birds. But REALLY? Are we what we see think we see?

Anatomy teaches us that all sorts of things live beneath the skin of of our flesh–actually comprise our flesh–and these are things our eyes alone, marvelous as they are, do not reveal. The anatomy of one cell is sufficient to cause me to fall to my knees in rapt adoration of the wisdom of life invisible to my eyes. And yet pulsing through me are uncountable numbers of these strange beings that, in cooperation with one another, make me who I am.

Study a human cell. Although you may see nothing familar, a crash course in cell anatomy will reveal that the cell–and the organism that is you–function similarly. The differences are only a matter of degree and familiarity with shape and function. And so, within the cell there are factories for the creation of energy and public media departments capable of sending data at unfathomable speed to the far reaches of the cell and even a military of sorts, policing boundaries and devouring invaders.

Sound familiar?

And all within you… and me.

So much for a rapid-fire tour of the inside. What about the outside?

Spiritual practices and now scientific experiment teach us that again more exists than we have been trained to see. As piezoelectric beings, we carry an electrical charge, which is my explanation for the thin white halo painted around the saints and sometimes visible to the human eye. It also may be why, at a party, a comfortable room becomes inexplicably crowded after one more person joins the group–energy meeting, pulsing and occupying space.

Sometimes I regard the forms I see–humans, birds, fish, all–as seeds, hard on the outside to protect the as-yet-unexpressed potential within, and hot–piezoelectric–with life beyond the shell that is eager to take form.

The challenge is that we are more than we think we are and less also. We are hot with the powers of life and simultaneously cold, protected, waiting, possibly anxious seeds seeking earth and water to grow and fearing these may not be present when we need them. It is time to wake up.

As the planet we ride daily becomes more tempestuous and we wonder what resources we have around us to aid ourselves and others, our Mother continues to grant us opportunities–wanted or not, painful or no–to explore the piezoelectric part of our being. All life is charged, electrical. All contains fire, the creative force, one of the elements that birthed us. Without heat, water can not conceive.

And so, in our global agony, as we seek to do what comes to hand to encourage and to bless our brothers and sisters in need (human and not), it is good to recall that we are as much the children of fire as we are of water and that the power to create new sources of hope–new flowers of life–may be closer than we see.

In the human eye, photons of light transform into patterns that the mind can interpret and name. Light or fire or creativity must meet us on our physical plane before we can see its face and name it.

Even as the ground beneath us is changing, perhaps we–like the cells within us–can work together, fueled by the unseen force of our own creative fire, to bring forth a new day for all our global family.

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