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Salmon Journeys

The health of salmon, reflects the health of ourselves. This fish-shaped being has a lot to teach us about ourselves and our communities and about the water that sustains us. Let us build an on-line community to share in these teachings.

So write about salmon. Dream about salmon. Create dances that praise them. Sing about them also. And contribute your thoughts here so that the alchemy of change for the well being of salmon can grow. Salmon are us. Their journey is our journey–from the waters of home to the ocean of transformation–and as we care for them so we care for ourselves and for our relations.

So these pages are for the alchemy of change. They are for salmon, for water, for the bravery of fish whose journey home occurs in lesser and lesser numbers, against overwhelming odds. Yet still they travel, as do we.


Lily, Finder of Lost Things

Finder of Lost Things is a fantasy for our time and all times, a reminder of what can happen when people forget the beauty of the world and when the heroes among us have to undertake a journey to remind us all of that is beautiful both in ourselves and in the Earth.


One Heart Beat Away

The Spirit of the Wild Earth Poetry, by Bill Jacobson

A lifelong advocate and voice for the protection and restoration of indigenous wildlife, Bill expresses himself in poetry, song, and illustrations.  He leads ceremony to call Wild Salmon and native Wildlife back to their ancestral homes.